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It's no secret that Tampa is a fantastic city to visit, no matter your creed. Whether you're looking to get your party on or you're here for business purposes, you're going to have a great time experiencing all of the positive things that Tampa has to offer. There's the natural beauty of the ocean, great restaurants, shopping opportunities, and fantastic weather. When it comes to partying, SoHo Tampa should be a destination for all those who enjoy a good time with a night out on the town. SoHo, short for "South Howard", is an amazing entertainment district in the Tampa area that deserves a visit from you and your friends.

Locals will have you know, SoHo Tampa should certainly be on your destination list. When you find yourself in the area, be sure to check out the nightlife scene that has everybody talking. Florida residents travel hours to come party in SoHo Tampa, simply because of the amazing variety of bar and nightclub choices and the electric atmosphere. No matter how you like to get down, or what your interests are, there's surely a venue in SoHo Tampa that will be calling your name.

Here you'll find all of the information you'll need to have a positive bar hopping experience in SoHo Tampa. Not only will you find a complete listing of all of the top bars and nightclubs in South Howard, but you'll also find information on parting in SoHo, as well as your options when it comes to transportation during your pub crawling experience. With all of this information in tow, you're guaranteed to have a safe, great time in SoHo Tampa!